Online Vs Offline File Converters – Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of Online and Offline file converters

Sometimes if you need some data from the image file, you easily do this task with the help of software available in the market. But a few years back, it was not quite possible. You had to go through the soporific process of typing the whole information contained in the image file. You used to spend hours for executing the work. We all know technology is growing fast. There is a technology, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which basically works to recognize the text inside the image file. It used to convert the printed or handwritten text into machine-readable text data. There are two options available for the file conversion – Online File Converter and Offline File Converter.

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Let’s have a look at some points which will help to know you the advantages and the disadvantages of the online and offline file converters.

Advantages and disadvantages of Online and Offline file converters:

If you select the option of online file conversion, then without downloading the software, you can easily convert your image file. On the other hand, to use the offline file converter, it is mandatory to download the software. After that, you will have to install it and then you can do the file conversion.

That is obvious, you require an internet connection while using an online converter. If you travel a lot, that is also a problem for you because it could stop you meeting deadlines when you are not connected with the internet. But you cannot get into any trouble if you are using an offline converter because after downloading the software you can do your work anytime and anywhere.

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In offline conversion, you can convert the multiple files in one go. You can save your precious time to do other important things in life, but in online conversion, you can convert a single file in a day.

In Online conversion, you do not have to need to upload the file, but in offline conversion, you cannot do the work without uploading the file.

Online Vs Offline File Converters - Advantages and Disadvantages

In offline conversion, JPG to Word Converter supports numerous languages, so you can work with foreign clients as well. On the other hand, online converters cannot recognize the text in different languages.

In online conversion, it is not imperative that you will get your file in high resolution You have no control over how the file conversion is done and this will leave you with an inferior document which needs some manual editing. Sometimes, you will need to discard it. But if you opt offline converter, you get a feature of DPI (Dots Per Inch) which basically measures the density of the printed image file. The higher the DPI, the more quality and detail can be seen in an image.

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Therefore, you came to know that there are two types of image file converters: Online File Converter and Offline file Converter. Now, it depends on you which one is more suitable for you. Even though, you can find a large number of software online to digitize the image file into a Word format. I suggest you try JPG to Word Converter from Soft Solutions because you cannot get so many features at one platform. This software supports much more than the commonest and the standard available OCR tools. You have to just download it, follow the simple steps and make your conversion better and without any hassle.

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