How To Make Money Online in 2019

Top Ways To Make Money Online in 2019

Hello guys, Today we are going to be looking at seven proven methods and legit ways anyone can typically make money online 2019.

Many folks out there want to achieve financial freedom, some people typically work day and night to make earns meet, Moreover not everyone get to reach the peak of this financial supremacy. Some people end up frustrated and tired of trying. While some other people end actually achieve financial freedom.

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Now to the headline of the day, I want you to thoroughly read this article and take note of every single point noted in this article if you must make money online 2019.

Firstly I want you to note that no matter what field and specialization you are into, no hustle is easy its very important you note that. At some point in time you are going to want to give up trying, but you need to strive, you need to be strong no matter the trials you face and one day you will get your rest.

Top ways to make money online 2019

Internet Marketing:

Guys this is very important. What comes to your mind whenever you hear the word internet marketing?

Yes to some people the word “internet marketing” sounds scary, the first thought that comes to their mind is this; “oh men that’s a professional job, I can’t go into that field I don’t have any know how”. That’s self condemnation going on there; the truth is this internet marketing simply means “selling online”. There is no big deal, anyone can do internet marketing. It’s just means selling what you have to the bigger market share online. Here is some stuff you can market online.

  • Personal belongings
  • Broker business online: buying cheaper and selling expensive online.
  • Facebook marketing
  • Website marketing

Just go online and start selling stuffs.

Here are some few Popular E-commerce site you can sell stuff on.




Making money online 2019 from YouTube

Here this is the killer trick; YouTube receives a total of 35.72% of total internet traffic. That simply means that everyday around the world more that 2 trillion people watch video on YouTube. Many young people have become millionaires only by posting videos on YouTube, it simply easy I can tell you but only if you know the secrets to YouTube Video SEO. For me after I paid for a YouTube video SEO course my first video hit over 15,000 views.

How To Make Money Online in 2019

Before you can start making money from YouTube you must first open a YouTube channel, Next you will have to set up the channel which includes arranging the channel, adding keywords and so on and so forth.


This is one of the hardest ways to make money online; it requires time, investment, concentration and commitment. Blogging is not easy I must warn you, if you are going to go into blogging be ready to spend a fortune and this is because it is very competitive. More than 85% of young people both male and female are into blogging and that’s why it’s very hard to thrive in the sector.

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Trading Crypto currencies

Crypto currencies are the most used online exchange system and trading them for a profit can be really profitable sometimes. This way of making money online 2019 is really not transparent and I will advise anyone who will want to go into crypto to be careful as they are so many fake sites out there waiting to dupe and carry out fraud on their naïve investors.

Take a look at some cryptocurrency trading/mining site 2019

  • com
  • Antpool
  • Slush pool
  • F2pool
  • Viabtc

Graphic Designer:

Graphic designing is really not an online business but it all depends on the Branding, Been able to market your skills as a graphic designer online through social media, advert placement…etc.

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You can learn graphic designing online for a cheaper price of $50 as compared to the regular offline training of $100.

Brand Influencer:

Brand influencing is still under the category of Internet marketing, the difference between both is that brand marketing as to do with publicizing company products and strategizing how to place adverts online for maximum customer attraction. This is skill is slightly different from the general internet marketing as this requires professionalism and a large volume of technical know how to actually pull through. You can learn brand marketing online through the Internet marketing course.

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Social Media Influencer:

This is also a sub category of internet marketing but also with slight difference. To become a social media influencer you must be active 24/7 on all social media platform and you must be interesting and funny. Also you must learn how to quickly gather up people into a social media community and keep the community active. Remember the more members and active the community is the higher your earning, take for example facebook.

For you to be a successful facebook influencer you must have a facebook page and group with a lot of active group members. Social media influencers basically make their money through affiliate marketing on their page and groups also through adverts on this groups and selling stuffs in the groups and pages.

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I can help you create an appetizing facebook page/group and help you quickly gather up members and get likes to the group then you can pick up from there.

If you are a facebook user then you must know about the “Pname Com Facebook Orca Error and How To Fix It”.

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