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A Complete Guide of SEO Which You Need To Know

What is SEO and How to Improve Traffic to Your Website

Are you new to SEO? Do you need to polish up your knowledge on SEO? This article will provide all the information you require on your way to professional search engine optimization (SEO).

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a discipline of marketing which focuses on growing the visibility in non-paid search engine result. In simple terms, it deals with maximizing the number of internet users to visit a particular page by ensuring that website appears high on the search results. SEO deals with both creative and technical elements that are required to improve ranks, driving traffic and increasing awareness. SEO, at times, can be merely a matter of ensuring that your website is structured in such a way that the search engines understand it.

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Why Is SEO Important For Your Website?

Millions of users use the internet for various services on a daily basis. This user traffic can be very powerful for business. Nowadays, any business is it offline or online, cannot thrive if it does not have its presence felt online. Would you buy a billboard to sell blue widgets? Or would you prefer having your website showing up on top of the search results every time someone searches buy blue widgets? The latter because they have commercial intent, meaning they are willing to buy something you offer. People are less likely buy products from you if they never heard of your website. Having your website show up on top of the search list builds trust among buyers.

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  • A Notable Increase in The Traffic:

As soon as you start using SEO, you will notice that traffic will start increasing gradually. There are different tools which help to track the rate of traffic. You will notice a more significant number of people have started visiting your website.

  • Higher Credibility Of The Brand As Per Google:

Your name will be at the top of the list in Google. People have immense faith in Google and Google rankings, so it is essential to maintain a higher rank. This is more effective than social media advertisement like Facebook, Twitter where people log in for entertainment. The lower the rank, people tend to harbor doubts about the website not being up to the mark. Most of the clicks, around 60%, go to the first result. So it is essential to be on the top.

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  • You Get Better Return On Investment:

A paid advertisement can buy you certain visitors out of which only 2% choose to be your customers. On the contrary, when you get around 1000 clicks with the help of SEO, 4% of those who have visited will convert into customers. This is how SEO is better than any other form of marketing.

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  • You May Have To Expand Your Business:

Using SEO can attract a large number of visitors to your website per day. Your customers may also start recommending products or services that they were in need of while visiting your website. You may need a web server which is larger and can help you to accommodate the sales and the huge traffic to your website.

  • SEO Doesn’t Let You Melt In The Crowd:

In a crowd of over millions of websites, it is quite difficult to earn recognition. There may be websites that you have never heard of. If you are using SEO, it will help you to earn recognition and stand out even in a crowd of millions of websites selling similar products and service. SEO earns you the top ranking so that people can easily reach out to your website. This helps to expand the business and boost sales.

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Once you stop paying the advertising companies, they will stop advertising your name. This does not happen in case of SEO. Their effects are long-lasting.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Google is mostly responsible for the search engine traffic in the world. This may vary from niche to nice however it prominent that Google is the most dominant player in search results. If you can optimize the search results, your website will stay on the first page of the search result. You need to keep it in mind that regardless of the search engine the results change constantly. Google has recently changed a lot of things regarding their ranking policy and added easier and cheaper ways to promote your page to the top of the search results. So how does it work? How does Google determine which result to show according to the search input? The algorithm of Google is extremely complex.

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Google looks for pages that contain relevant and high quality of information about the searchers’ query. Google determines the relevance by digging deeper into your website and reading the content and algorithmically evaluating whether it is relevant to the search input keywords. The quality of your website is determined by some things such as the quality of websites linked to your page and the website as a whole. If you have links to websites and blogs that no other site has linked to, you are more likely to be on top of the search results.

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What is SEO and How to Improve Traffic to Your Website

Several other factors have been added by Google that determines the ranking of your website, i.e., whether your website is mobile friendly and loading speed is fast — a number of unique contents you have on your website.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a search engine scholar to optimize search engine results. There is a proven, repeatable practice to optimize your website.

  1. Keyword Research:

The first step of optimizing a website is to decide what are you trying to optimize. This means finding terms and keyword people tend to use during a web search. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind to decide the keyword.

2. Search Volume:

The first and most important factor is how many people are searching against a given keyword. Bigger the number of people searching for a keyword, the bigger the traffic you stand to pull on your website. Conversely, if no one is searching for a keyword, no one will find your content through search.

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3. Relevance:

If a keyword is frequently used that is great but if it not completely related your prospect? If you sell email marketing automation software, you don’t want to show up for search results like dog food. Terms like marketing software may seem like a great option, but if you are doing business with fortune 100 companies, most of the audience for this competitive term will be users who don’t care about your software.

4. Competition:

Like any other business in SEO you need to consider the potential cost and likelihood of success. First, you need to understand the prospect and think about where is the good place to start.

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The ultimate objective of search engine optimization is to help any website gain exposure and attract more traffic. This helps to give a notable boost to the business. It is important to conduct good research before opting for an option




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