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How To Make an Easy Profit with MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

As a general term- ‘reseller’ means someone who buys a service/product from the manufacturer and resells it to the end user. By doing this, you can become a reseller and gain your own share of profit by reselling the service/ products at your own price.

This is similar when it comes to web hosting. A reseller web hosting provider can sell server space and disk storage to a reseller, while this reseller can sell the web hosting service further to his clients independently and gain his profit.

This is the best method for those who want to start with their web hosting business or planning to add web hosting to their existing services.

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How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

Let’s understand the working of reseller hosting. Once you buy a web hosting service from your reseller provider, you are provided with a master admin area which lets you manage every detailed aspect of your client’s hosting account.

This admin panel gives you the ability to create hosting packages, create cPanel accounts, set username and passwords, etc. You need to assign each of your clients with a cPanel account that lets them manage their hosting account individually.

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Pros of Reseller Hosting:

  • Less investment- huge profits.
  • No strain for server maintenance cost and task.
  • No technical knowledge is required to become a reseller.
  • You only need to focus on customer support and leave technical support to your provider of reseller hosting.
  • Most of the reseller hosting providers are white labeled, which means you can add your own brand name and logo.
  • You can buy the web hosting services and resell them at your own cost.

Which reseller hosting provider to choose?

With the growing demand for websites, there are a huge number of web hosting providers in the market that offer cheap reseller hosting. But you need to make a wise choice because not only you but all your client websites also will be hosted on that server. Thus, you need to pick a reseller hosting provider which is reliable and at the same time, doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Here, we have given a brief of one such provider which is- MilesWeb.

MilesWeb – No. 1 Reseller Hosting Provider:

MilesWeb is a very popular name in the web hosting industry. They provide plans which are really worth the money. Also, their hosting service is so good that you can start your web hosting business within no time. They offer great features for reseller hosting at a very little price.

How To Make an Easy Profit with MilesWeb Reseller Hosting
How To Make an Easy Profit with MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

Top 3 advantages of selecting MilesWeb:

  1. 99.95% uptime guarantee
  2. 30 days money back guarantee
  3. Round the clock technical support.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Plans:

MilesWeb has three main plans for reseller hosting:

1. Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

MilesWeb Linux reseller hosting plans
Linux reseller hosting plans

2. Windows Reseller Hosting Plans

MilesWeb Windows reseller hosting plans
MilesWeb Windows reseller hosting plans

3. WHMCS Reseller Hosting Plans

MilesWeb WHMCS reseller hosting plans
MilesWeb WHMCS reseller hosting plans

Top Features of MilesWeb Reseller Hosting:

Why Choose MilesWeb for Reseller Hosting?

  • MilesWeb has extensive experience in the web hosting industry. Their team is combined of technical experts and network administrators having great knowledge and hands-on servers and operating systems.
  • Their technical support team operates all around the year and all round the clock and you can reach out to them through phone, email or live chat.
  • MilesWeb focuses on offering custom and standard web hosting solutions to their customers. They constantly keep on adding new features to their existing plans so as to deliver the best of the facilities to their clients.
  • They are well aware of the fact that not every business can invest huge on just websites. Therefore, they have a wide range of web hosting plans to suit the need of every business. All their plans are extremely cheap and sometimes they even run special discounts on them.
  • You may need to upgrade your existing plan to the higher one, some or the other day. MilesWeb has made it easy for you to upgrade your hosting plan from the current one as per your requirement.
  • As they are an Indian based web hosting provider, they very well understand their market. Thus, communication with them is not at all a barrier.


Want to start with your web hosting business then reseller hosting is the perfect option for entrepreneurs, web developers and even web designers. It is one of the trusted sources of income among all the online methods for making money.

The most crucial step is choosing the reseller hosting provider. Now that you have learned the basic features and had an overview of its plans and pricing, it’s time for you to opt-in for their service. Are you ready to start your web hosting business and be your own boss? 

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