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10 Tips For A Day Before Your SAT Exam

The D-Day has finally arrived. You’ve been preparing for this day for months. Finally, you’re taking your SATs tomorrow. It’s almost there. This score is going to be a turning point in your life. First of all, you’ve worked hard for this day. You’ve been studying day and night for months and that’s commendable! Secondly, don’t forget that you can take this exam again, in-case you don’t get the score you need. So don’t be nervous. At this point, you’re surely looking for some tips that might give you an edge. Or something that might just help you get through the day before the exam. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Along with preparing well for the SAT exam, you should also be prepared with a few things a day before your exam. Here we’re listing some of the tips for the day before the SAT exam:

Top 10 Tips For A Day Before Your SAT Exam

1. Go through your notes

You’ve been working on those notes for months and you know exactly where everything is written. This is the time where you can just go through them. This could be a sort of mini revision where you brush through the topics and check if you remember everything. This revision will boost your confidence as you read through different topics. It’ll also help you in covering up for the sections you might have missed earlier.

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2. Focus on your weak spots

Just like every other student, you might have some weak spots. It could be a section which you don’t like or just something you can’t get your head around. Make sure you give some time to such portions the day before the exam. This extra time will help you in the exam. You’ve already analyzed those topics before and worked hard on them. But it’s always advisable to give it some extra time to make sure it doesn’t affect your scores in a negative light.

3. Take a long walk

It is very important to take a long walk the day before the exam. You’ll be sitting for a very long time for the test, so a little low-intensity exercise can prepare your cardiovascular system for the upcoming pressure. Also, a long walk will help you calm down. You can also play some good music of your choice. This combination will not only be good for your physical health but your psychological health as well.

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4. Gather your stuff and pack your bag

Make sure you pack your bag at night with all the required materials to avoid the risk of forgetting something in the morning. Make sure you pack your Admission Ticket, Photo ID, 2 pencils, Calculator, watch and a water bottle. These are the most essential things. Apart from these, you can also take other things like an eraser, sharpener, extra batteries, and directions to your test centre and some extra snack.

5. Don’t stress

The SATs focus on your reasoning ability, not your ability to mug up answers. By now you’ve worked a lot and practised a significant number of tests. So don’t stress over it. Stressing over the exam might just affect your results. It has been often noticed that students often forget things when they’re stressing too much over exams. So, it’s advisable to stay calm and give your best. Believe in yourself, you’ll do well!

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6. Find the test centre

This is a very small thing but it’s important to steer clear of any possible issues. Check your test in advance. Usually, it is your own high school. However, if a different location is allotted it’s better if you check the exact location in advance to avoid any extra last-minute stress.

7. Take a break

You should take a break and stop studying the evening before the exam. Focus on calming yourself down. You can also distract yourself by playing video games or listening to music. You’ve been studying for months. A few extra hours of preparation won’t create a significant difference. So, use that time to rejuvenate yourself for tomorrow instead.

10 Tips For A Day Before Your SAT Exam

8. Take your mind off it, it’s just a test!

It is important to understand that cramming isn’t going to help. It will just stress you out more and might make you nervous. Instead of getting worked up over it, treat it as just another test. You can always give it again if you’re not satisfied with your scores. So, it’s not a very big deal. It’s just a test, and you’ve worked very hard so you’re surely going to ace it.

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9. Don’t skip your meals

Make sure you have a healthy dinner rich in carbohydrates. It will give you energy for the next day. It is very important to stay nourished during the exam. This is because it’s a long exam and you’ll be in constant stress. So, lack of nutrition might create issues.

10. Sleep early

Try to sleep early and get a good long 7-8 hours of sleep. Sleeping affects a person’s memory and thinking ability and you should be at your best in the exam. So, it’s always advisable to get a good sleep so that you wake up with a fresh mind. This will help you in giving your best throughout the 5 hours of the exam.

Prepare well, stay confident and give the SAT exam your best shot!




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