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Top 5 Best Master in Finance Programs to Boost Your Career in 2019-20

Best 5 Master in Finance Programs For Your Career Growth in 2019-20

With so much hype about a graduate degree in Finance, MBA stands no longer as the only option for all financier aspirants looking for a boost in their career. Check out the top 5 best master in finance programs to boost your career in 2019-20.

A Master in finance is an ultimate business related degree that provides an edge over financial matters. It is known to be a degree of the 21st century, not only because of the high demand of finance experts in the market but also due to a promised amazing kickstart to your career in the business field.

Everybody seeks for a job that provides them a stable and high paying income. While, with a degree in finance, such a dream is likely to come true.

If you are an aspirant for financial studies and dreams of pursuing a job that serves a high paycheck right at the advent of your career, then this article is for you!

Here is a list of top 5 best Masters in Finance program that promises a high paying job just after your graduation.

Top 5 Best Masters in Finance Programs:

HEC Paris:

HEC Paris is a globally renowned international business school
HEC Paris international business school

Location – Paris, France

Program Name – MSc International Finance

Average course length – 10 months

About the HEC Paris college:

HEC Paris is a globally renowned international business school located in Jouy-en-Jesus, France.

It was established in the year 1881 and is regarded as the best B-schools in the country.

HEC Paris is constantly ranked as a top business school in Europe and also amongst the top five worldwide.

It bears a rick alumni network and been ranked by The Economist as the 2nd most powerful business school alumni network in the world in the year 2017.

About the MSc International Finance Program:

The Master of Science in International finance at HEC Paris a specially designed offered in two tracks for individuals looking for a career in Finance.

The accelerated track is a for beginners as it covers the basics of finance, investment management, accounting etc.

However, the business track is an advanced course for students already equipped with the knowledge of the same.

HEC Paris validates a 99% employment rate for its MSc in International Finance program and the starting salary for young graduates is $63,000.

However, the salary spikes immediately after an experience of 3 years and rounds to around $131, 873.

ESCP Europe:

ESCP Europe world’s oldest business school
ESCP Europe world’s oldest business school

Location – London, Paris

Program name – Specialised Master in Finance

Average Course Length – 13 months

About the ESCP Europe College:

ESCP Europe is a world-renowned European Business with its campuses across Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Warsaw, and Turin. It was established in the year 1819 and is a highly selective French Institution.

It is also named as the world’s oldest business school. ESCP Europe is triple accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. ESCP is consistently ranked as a top  B-school worldwide for its various programs.

The Master in Finance program is one of the finest programs and is ranked 2nd worldwide for the year 2018.

About the Specialised Master in Finance program:

The program is taught in both French and English at its Paris and London campuses for 15 weeks respectively.

It offers concentration at two levels in corporate investment banking and financial market. The program commences in September with basic and introductory level courses followed by choosing a specialization in November.

The program requires you to undergo professional exposure at the start of April for at least 4 months until presented before a jury.

The average salary for a young professional with a graduate degree in MSc in finance from ESCP is $111,341.

EDHEC Business School:

EDHEC Business School
EDHEC Business School

Location – France

Program name – MSc in Finance

Average Course Length – 15 months

About the EDHEC Business School college:

EDHEC Business School is a leading French Business School known internationally in providing an outstanding education in business studies.

It is also a part of the famous, Grandes Ecoles for its specialization in business and management. EDHEC has a prominent international reach with over 150 partner universities and an alumni network of 40,000 spread across 125 countries.

The college is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities for graduate studies in Business and Management and is ranked 3rd for a Master in Finance by the Financial Times in 2018.

About the MSc in Finance Program:

The MSc in Finance at EDHEC operates in partnership with the CFA program pattern strictly follows a CFA level 1 structure.

The course is designed for people with prior knowledge accounting and finance and is perfect for those looking forward to a career in International finance.

It comprises of 12 core courses and 5 seminars along with a mandatory 3-6 month internship and a master project.

The average salary of a fresh graduate is around $104,552.

Top 5 Best Master in Finance Programs to Boost Your Career in 2019-20
Top 5 Best Master in Finance Programs to Boost Your Career in 2019-20

Skema Business School:

Skema Business School
Skema Business School

Location – France

Program name – MSc Financial Markets and Investments

Average Course Length – 18 months

About the Skema Business School College:

Skema Business school is a newly founded B-school in France formed by the merger of two prestigious French Business School- CERAM Business School and ESC Lille.

It was established in the year 2009 and is based in Paris. It has been ranked as the top 30 newly founded business schools worldwide by the Financial Times.

The school has been consistently showing remarkable performance at a rapid pace an is considered a big name in Europe.

About the MSc Financial Markets and Investments program:

The program operates 9 months on campus and needs to cover the other nine months under an internship term.

The program is exclusively designed to build skills in financial expertise and risk management from an early level.

The average salary for a finance graduate from Skema is $87,764.


ESSEC Business School
ESSEC Business School

Location – France

Program name – MSc Financial Markets and Investments

Average Course Length – 13 months

About the ESSEC College:

ESSEC Business School is an internationally recognized leading business school in France founded in 1907.

The university holds a flagship in Masters of Science in Management and finance which makes it a paramount in business studies and carries a legacy in providing academic excellence.

It has successfully maintained its rank as a top B- school not only in Europe but worldwide.

About The MSc Financial Markets and Investments Program:

The Master of Science in Finance is a highly competitive program consisting of 21 core courses and divided into 3 tracks.

The program starts at a steady pace teaching the basic of economics and finance but gets concentrated in the second term. The student needs to choose one of their core concentration out of the three tracks being offered- corporate finance, Financial market, and Asset management.

The salary for a student with a graduate degree revolves around $109,917.


A master in finance is indeed a gateway towards a high paying career and the above-mentioned information stands as a testimony for the same. A graduate degree in finance from a top class university is a certain way to boost your resume and improve your job opportunities. It promotes both your personal and professional growth and makes you a goal oriented human.

If you love to crunch with numbers and have the ability to comprehend and manage monetary matters, then master in finance will be a degree worth giving a shot too!


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