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How to Boost CA Foundation Preparation in Last Month

Best Tips For CA Foundation Exams

CA Foundation is the entry-level exam for Chartered Accountancy. Every year a number of aspirants apply for the exam but only a few get passed because of very stiff competition. Therefore, every candidate should prepare hard for the exam, especially in the last month. So, in this article, we are going to provide you with some of the most valuable tips to how to boost CA Foundation preparation in the last month. Go through the complete article, implement these tips for a better result.

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Most Valuable Tips To How To Boost CA Foundation Preparation:

Prioritize the Important Topics

According to CA R.C Sharma, who is the proud owner of VSI Jaipur – Best CA Insitute in India “Prioritizing the important topics is one of the most important tasks which the student should do in the last month”. Check out the weight of each and every topic and prepare accordingly. The topics/ chapters which are high in marks must be studied and revised first.

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Get all the Previous Year Papers

In the last month of the preparation, solving the previous year question papers plays a vital role in the CA Foundation preparation. The student should look to solve as many papers as possible. Other than this, solving the previous year question paper also helps in getting the idea of the difficulty level and pattern of paper. Also, by solving the previous year question papers, one can learn how to manage time during the exam. Therefore, get all the previous year question papers for the best preparation for CA Foundation.

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Make a Habit of Writing

This is one of the areas where most of the students lack. A number of research studies have shown up that writing the important points in the notebook improves the memorizing capability. So, reading the important topics is not enough, one should look to prepare the proper notes too.

How to Boost CA Foundation Preparation in Last Month

Be Choosy About Topics

As you are in the last of the CA Foundation preparation, you should now look to be choosy among the topics to study. Decide which all topics or chapters you should study and which all you should skip. For this, the student has to understand his/ her strength and weakness, and accordingly prepare the topics. There is no universal method for this as it completely depends on one’s strength and capability.

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Do Proper Revisions

A proper revision of the topics which you have studied is quite important. Every student should look to revise the topics, at least two times before the exam. First, a week before the exam and secondly, 24 hours the exam. This will help in the better recalling of topics during the topics as in many situations it is being seen that the students have studied everything but can’t recall them. So, revision is a must before the exam.

Use Visual Techniques for Better Retention

Visuals improve the memorizing capability of a person. So, the candidate should look to write and paste all the key points, dates, and things to remember over his study table, so that they can fit into his/ her mind for a longer period.

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Plan the Schedule Scientifically

Every student who is preparing for CA Foundation must look to study for at least 9 to 11 hours in a day in a well-mannered and well-planned study schedule. The students should look to study at the same time every day as it sets the biological clock of your body which helps in improving the concentration power. Keep note that the best time to study in the whole day is 4 AM to 6 AM. So, wake up early and study at this time, instead of sleeping.

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Manage the Exam Stress

It is good to have the stress of an exam as it enhances your performance in preparation for the exam. But when it goes over the limit, it can affect the student’s performance adversely. So, control the stress of exam for better preparation.

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Trial Mock Tests

Mock Tests brings to you the exact environment of the paper. So, attempting the maximum number of mock tests is the best answer to your question that – how to boost CA Foundation preparation in last month. We have always heard the line that practice makes man perfect. This is so true in the case of CA Foundation. The more the students solve the mock test papers, the more confidence they develop in themselves.

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These were few of the things of which the student must keep a note of in order to boost the CA Foundation Preparation in the last month. Hope you enjoyed reading here. For any query, do ask them through comments.




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