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Scope of Luxury Brand Management Course in India

Think Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, BMW, and Versace! These are only a few luxury brands that you have surely heard of. These companies try to provide intangible values and deeper meanings to their customers by creating a sense of connection, heritage, and legacy.

You must have come across advertisements for luxury brands while sifting through the pages of fashion magazines and journals. But have you ever wondered how these high-end companies function? Read further to know what constitutes luxury brand management and its scope in India.

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Understanding Luxury brand management

Do you see yourself working for a high-end luxury brand one day? If yes, you must consider pursuing luxury brand management masters courses. The luxury sector has grown tremendously in the past few years, and there is a great demand for luxury products in the market. Be it fashion, lifestyle, automobiles or jewellery, the industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate.

A top-notch luxury brand management course will take you worldwide and explore various national and international luxury brands. You will learn about the business strategies, PR, advertising, retail marketing and design thinking that are part of brand management. The course further consolidates into areas such as:

  • Supply chain management
  • Digital marketing
  • Design management
  • Operations Management
  • Retail marketing
  • Financial management

Thus, if you have an eye for aesthetics and symbolism and a passion for luxury products, this is the course for you. Moreover, after completing this postgraduate course in luxury brand management, you will be eligible for a number of positions, as discussed below.

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Luxury brand manager

Managing a brand is not about selling products but about creating a positive impression on the customers and a relationship that will bring them back. It is the job of the brand manager to craft brand strategies and communicate with potential buyers.

Hence, you must develop innovative ideas to advertise the products and allocate the budget for campaigns. Moreover, it is a job that pays handsomely when you gain some experience.

Visual merchandiser

Whether it is setting up displays or choosing the colour palette in luxury retail stores, playing with aesthetics and creating visual presentations is the job of a visual merchandiser.

A merchandiser brings the potential customers and target audience to the stores by creating attractive visuals to fetch their ideal demographic.

To be a successful visual merchandiser, you need to have good design skills and an understanding of the retail business.

Fashion marketing manager

As the name suggests, a fashion marketing manager must market luxury products effectively by creating advertising campaigns and more. Their job includes being involved in photoshoots, managing a team of marketers, analysing marketing campaigns, etc. A fashion marketing manager must also be involved in tasks like costing, sales allocation, and advertising.

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Fashion PR specialist

Public relations is all about communicating and building a favourable brand image in public. Thus, a fashion PR specialist must bring good publicity and keep the brand’s name in the public eye.

Unlike advertising, PR is a strategic form of communication that focuses on creating beneficial relationships from the brand and not just sales. Hence, a dynamic personality and good communication skills will reward you handsomely in this job.

In summation

A luxury brand management masters course will open doors to numerous opportunities for you. If you wish to learn about luxury brands and get good industry exposure, you must choose a renowned institute like the Pearl Academy. The two-year PG Professional Diploma in Luxury Brands will help you learn the know-how of the industry.




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