Best Camera Phones That Will Enhance Your Photography Experience

Best Camera Phones For Photography

Today, smartphones have replaced point and shoot cameras and pack better photography technology into a fraction of the space. This means that you can shoot high-resolution images on the go, and enjoy exceptional output quality too! More importantly, if you are keen on buying a good camera phone while keeping your budget from bearing the brunt, you can do so without jumping through any hoops. All you have to do is head straight to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

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The EMI Network gives you easy access to a host of brands such as Samsung, Apple, and LG, and comprises over 60,000 online and offline retailers spread across 1,300+ cities in India. You can shop either online or offline, as per your convenience and use a ready limit to finance your purchase on No Cost EMIs. Apart from this, you can buy the best camera phone on EMIs starting at Rs.999. You can use your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card or get instant in-store financing at a partner store to complete the purchase. With zero down payment, hassle-free processing and minimal paperwork, it is the best way to shop for any gadget or appliance of your choice.

Here is a list of the best camera phones that you can choose from. Know more about the “Top 8 Upcoming Technology To See in 2019“.

Best Camera Phones For Photography:

Best Camera Phones That Will Enhance Your Photography Experience

Oppo F7

The latest phone to catch everyone’s attention is the Oppo F7, and as the name suggests, it’s known for its camera abilities. The Oppo F7 features a 16MP rear camera that comes fitted with a dual LED flash. To complement this, the handset also has an 25MP front camera that is clicks selfies with precision owing to its sensor. The F7 also has a 6.23-inch display that projects all images in 1080×2280 pixel resolution. This phone runs on the latest Android Oreo OS and is powered by a octa-core (4x2GHz + 4x2GHz) processor as well as 4GB RAM. To give you long hours of use the Oppo F7 features a sturdy 3400mAh battery. Apart from this, the handset also has 64GB internal storage that is expandable up to 256GB so you can store all the pictures that you click just as easily.

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OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 has 16MP wide and 20MP normal aperture dual rear cameras that are capable of clicking high-quality HDR images. In addition to this, the excellent 16MP front camera is designed to click selfies that are equally sharp. To elevate your experience further, the camera offers various modes such as portrait, panorama, HDR, and HQ, allowing you to experiment with different styles and perfect your skills. Whether you are browsing your image gallery, playing a graphic-heavy game, reading an article or watching a movie, the OnePlus 6 allows you to do so comfortably with its sleek 6.28-inch display. Also, with Android Oreo OS, Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm processor, 8GB RAM, 356GB storage and a robust 3,300mAh battery, you can be assured of power-packed performance that lasts you through the day.

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Samsung S9+

The Samsung S9+ features a 12MP, dual lens rear camera that allows you to switch between various light conditions so that you can click flawless images using the wide and telephoto lens. This lens system works just like the human eye and also consists of an 8MP front camera that supports the auto-HDR feature. In addition, you can enjoy a super slow-motion mode and a 6.2-inch full HD display for a realistic viewing experience. The Samsung S9 Plus also comes with an Octa-Core processor and runs on 6GB RAM that facilitates faster multitasking. In addition, this phone has 64GB internal storage expandable up to 400GB that gives you ample space to store all your multimedia. All You Need to Know About Buying the Samsung Galaxy A7 on EMI.

Honor View 10

If you want to shoot every picture like a pro, the Honor View 10 is the right phone for you. This handset comes with a dual lens, rear camera of 20MP and 16MP, and a 13MP front camera. This camera system is capable of identifying 13 different types of scenes and objects and can automatically adjust and shoot pictures without you having to manually adjust each setting to suit each scenario.

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This superlative camera phone also has various modes that enhance the photography experience such as AI motion detection and portrait mode. These functions help you to click sharper and cleaner images. In addition, you can enjoy watching videos and movies on the 5.99-inch full HD display. This phone also offers a fast and seamless experience thanks to its Huawei Kirini 970 AI processor and 6GB RAM. Moreover, a strong 3,750mAh battery gives you up to 23 hours of talk time so that you don’t have to carry your charger with you throughout the day.

Capture every moment with ease with a camera phone that truly offers the best of the best. You can get access to discounts, cashbacks, and a ready limit of up to Rs.4 lakh to shop for the phone of your choice instantly.




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