How to Style Your Eyelash Extension Like a Pro?

Eyelash extensions are the best beauty invention, especially, for those of us with stubby, stick-straight, or super-thin lashes. A 2-hour session with a lash extension specialist will leave you with full, fluttery, sky-scraping lashes. They are going to be perfect for those too busy conquering the world to painstakingly put on three coats of mascara every morning.

But, as with all good things, your favorite 15mm faux mink eyelashes fringe must eventually come to an end.

If you’re thinking of trying out lash extensions for the first time, this piece is for you. In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about eyelash extension styling. The distinction between a decent lash artist stylist and a fantastic lash stylist comes down to a few easy measures you should follow before applying your lashes.

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How to Style Your Eyelashes Extension Like a Professional?

1. Go for Lighter Lashes

The heavier the lash [extensions], the more they will rip and fall out. Ask your lash specialist for lighter individual lashes in the.07 mm and.05 mm range. They will remain on longer than heavier lashes, according to a number of specialists.

Instead of extra-long, dramatic lashes, choose extensions that match the form of your existing lashes. The shelf life of a lighter lash is longer and they are easy to style.

2. Choosing Most Natural Lashes

Select extensions that closely resemble your natural lash shape. Always instruct your aesthetician to select extensions that closely resemble the shape of your natural lashes. If you have straight lashes and obtain super-curly lashes, they will fall out early. Also, it will be hard to style them. 

There’s still hope for straight-lashed gals. Experts recommend curling your extensions with a heated eyelash curler, such as the famous one from Lash Star.

3. Use an Eyelash Sealer

Your lashes will stay in place longer if you use an eyelash sealer every morning. It functions as a safety net to guarantee that your extensions stay in place. To assist the extensions attach and staying healthy and conditioned, choose one that has both an acrylic and hyaluronic serum.

4. Mind Your Eyes

Your super-rich night lotion may give you a luscious face in the morning, but it’s not helping your lash extensions. If you must use strong night creams, keep them away from your eyes. The cream’s oils will dissolve the glue, causing your lashes to fall out prematurely.

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5. Don’t Use Waterproof Mascara

Though you don’t have to apply mascara with extensions, you may want to do so occasionally to give some more drama to your look. In that case, stay away from waterproof solutions at all costs. Experts claim they’re considerably more difficult to remove, and all that straining is detrimental for your lash extensions’ longevity.

Waterproof mascara and eyeliner should be avoided. This is because the rubbing required to remove them can result in the loss of a lash extension.

6. Use a Gentle Face Wash

One critical aspect of eyelash extension care is to avoid touching the region around your eyes. If you need to remove your eye makeup, several experts recommend using a moderate, low-alkaline soap and an oil-free makeup remover like Cetaphil’s choice.

You can blow-dry your lashes on the softest, coolest setting when you get out of the shower. Then lightly brush them down and out, without applying too much pressure. It will encourage them to develop in the same direction.

7. Explore Your Creativity

To customize your customer’s look, experiment with different curls, thicknesses, and lengths. Just like you do with your favorite makeup brush set.  If you want to give something with a lot of volumes, we strongly advise you to go with something with a lot of volumes. 

For volume, anything with a value of .07, .05, or .10 is ideal. You can then apply numerous eyelash extensions to each natural lash. You can also use classic lashes to give each lash a one-by-one extension. It all relies on your personal preferences and styling requirements.

8. Sleep on Your Back

There’s bad news for stomach sleepers. If you sleep with your face pressed against your pillow, your extensions may fall out more quickly. Instead, for the best eyelash extension care, consider sleeping on your back. Furthermore, use a silk pillowcase so that your lashes are caressed and less prone to get snagged out if you do a rollover.

Do & Don’t After Getting The EyeLash Extensions for Better Styling

First and foremost, during the first 24 hours, avoid getting your lashes moist. Why? Your lash set may appear to be finished, but the lash glue is still curing. It can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the lash extension glue to fully dry and adhere. 

The bond can be weakened before it has a chance to set due to changes in humidity, wind, and touch. So stay away for the next 24 hours.

  • For the next 24 hours, avoid getting your lashes moist.
  • For the next 24 hours, don’t use any aftercare products (including lash extension sealer)
  • Keep strong winds away from your lashes.
  • Brushing or touching the lashes should be avoided.

Your aftercare routine will be a lot easier after the first 24 hours.

How to Clean Lash Extensions for Better Styling?

As some solutions contain elements that can weaken the bond and cause extensions to shed prematurely, use an oil-free lash cleanser. The one specifically made for eyelash extensions. In the morning and evening, give your lashes a lash bath and gently brush your extensions with a spoolie to keep them clean and detangled.

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Wrapping Up

You’ll wake up every day with long, fluttering, stunning lashes thanks to lash extensions. The procedure is incredibly successful in improving the appearance of your eyes and looks great on everyone. 

Make sure you understand that eyelash extensions are an investment. This is because you’ll need to return for fills every two to four weeks.

Also, take breaks to allow your natural lashes to do their job (and use an eyelash conditioning serum to bring them back to health). Styling your stunning eyelash extensions will be a game-changer for you if you keep all of these tips and tactics in mind!




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