How To Clean Bathroom And Kitchen Sink Faucets?

While we are building or moving into our dream house, we often think about using the best utilities, bathroom fixtures, decor aesthetics, and whatnot. The thing is you can just throw away the money and the job will be done. However, the most difficult part of all is to be able to nurture your house, even if it is to care about your bathroom and kitchen sink faucets. Visit oltsw.com to know more about faucets.

Ways To Clean Your Bathroom And Kitchen Sink Faucets

1. Let’s Start With The Basics Of Cleaning

Before you are sure to get all experimental about cleaning your bathroom and kitchen sink faucets, it is always recommended by experts that you first get through the basic cleaning processes. But, what is basic when it comes to cleaning faucets?

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Well, we suggest you just start with a normal mild cleanser along with some water. Mix them and try not to make the solution too soapy or too watery. Find a decent balance and grab hold of a clean cloth to commence the cleaning process. 

Apply some of the soapy water onto the clean cloth and start rubbing it against the faucets. If the metal of the faucets is not too delicate, use a scrub but try not to overdo it. Once the scrubbing is done, make sure that you have a completely dry washcloth, spongy towel, or linen cloth to suck in the excess water. Or else, you will end up with lots of water spots everywhere on the faucets. 

2. Stubborn Stains, Goodbye! 

More often than not, after every deep cleaning procedure that is carried out every two or three months, we still end up having some of the nastiest marks around the faucets. It is simply inevitable and this is the reason why we must keep at it. A deep cleaning procedure is a must if you want to keep your faucets clean in the most serious sense of the word.

How do you ensure this? Simple, really. Everything that you will be needing for this deep cleaning project is available in your home and this very DIY activity is simple and easy without the need for you to bang your head against the wall. So, get ready to do some serious cleaning. 

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Get white vinegar and water. Vinegar has a mild concentration of acetic acid and the rest is basically water. However, even a small amount of approximately 5 percent of the acid that is present in white vinegar is perfectly enough for your faucets to get thoroughly cleaned. 

Whenever you mix the two ingredients, there are two things you need to ensure. Firstly, both the ingredients need to have equal concentration, that is the solution must have equal amounts of both water and vinegar. 

Secondly, you have to make sure that the container where you mix the solution should be made of glass since acetic acid (vinegar) might react with metal containers. Apply the solution into the washcloth and scrub. 

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3. A Brush Is All You Need To Clean The Edges. 

It is, in fact, known by all of you that one of the dirtiest spots as far as faucet cleaning is concerned are the cracks and crevices that our good old fingers can reach. Be it the point where the faucet meets the kitchen slab or the intricate designs of the faucets. It is not always about getting the most royal designs. The most important thing after buying and installing the same is its cleaning and maintenance. 

So, since our fingers cannot reach the insides of the curves, we can always use an old toothbrush to clean out the gunk that has accumulated over time. If the polish or the matt finish of your faucets are too delicate, you can always soak a soft, thin linen cloth into the soapy water and run them through the small holes to clean the same. 

4. The Drain Area Is The Dirtiest Part Of Your Kitchen And Basin Sink.

This one is a cakewalk really. All the dirty water after cleaning up after oneself or our utensils drains out through that channel. And even though it is recommended that we should clean the sinks almost every day before going to bed, we fall short. However, if one really looks at these drains closely, it is really quite disgusting. 

First, take out the filter and clean the edges with an old used toothbrush and soap. You can use an abrasive soap for this purpose. After that is done, take the filter and repeat the same cleaning process. If there are hard stains due to the presence of hard water in your locality, use the vinegar-water solution mixture and emerge the same into the solution. This will surely cover all that you require with respect to cleaning the drain area. 

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Make sure that you repeat the same process with the toothbrush with the aerators. These are basically attachments that are present on the tip of the faucet from where the incoming water is released. 

Final Words

No matter how big or small your house is, you can always make it picture perfect. With this easy DIY guide, we hope you enjoy your baths and preparing meals in your kitchen as much as lying on your bed or sitting on your sofa.




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