Going On A Roadtrip? Don’t Forget To Check Your Bike

Are you planning on taking a road trip on your bike? Do not forget to check off your pre-tour bike maintenance before you leave because safety comes first. This doesn’t mean that you need to take your bike for servicing, but just check that the bike won’t cause any problems while on the long journey.

Here is a list of things that you should get checked before taking your bike on your road trip.  

List of things to check your bike before going a road trip:

1. Tires

Since you will be spending a long time riding your bike, it is advised that you get your tires checked. This includes getting the tire pressure checked, wheel alignment checked, and looking for any wear and tear on the tires. 

If your tires are not in a good shape, then make sure you replace them before your long trip. There is no extra space for carrying a spare tire like in cars. So, getting your tires checked should be on top of your checklist.

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2. Mirror and Lights

You must check all your mirrors and lights because you want to be safe while riding at night. This includes checking the rearview mirror, headlamp, high beams, and tail lamps to ensure the proper working of them all. Also, make sure that your horn is in perfect working condition.

If any of your lights are not working, then make sure you get them repaired. Even better, get them replaced by trusted and established companies like Sunway Autoparts.

3. Wheels

Do a quick spot check on your wheels while rotating the wheels to ensure that they are properly round. Make sure that the hubs don’t have any excessive friction. Also, check that the wheels have consistent tension by squeezing them a bit.

4. Brakes

The brake pads need to be checked before you leave for your trip. Some of the brake pads come with a wear indicator that will let you know when the brake pads need to be changed. If your bike does not have that indicator, just check that the rubber is not too close to the metal shoe which carries the brake pad.

You should also check the alignment of the brake pads to the rim to ensure that they aren’t rubbing together. While you’re on it, make sure that you have proper cable tension so that you don’t have to pull too hard on the brake levers.

5. Frame

The frame has to be cleaned to remove any dirt or dust. You should check for any cracks in the frame, especially near the welds. It can be dangerous to drive a bike with cracks on the frame. 

Have a professional look at it, because you might miss some spots.

6. Chain and Cassette

Check your chain and cassette for any wear and tear so that you can avoid problems with your shifting. If you have a worn-out chain and you put a lot of pressure on the drivetrain, your chain can break. To ensure that your chain is not stretched, can use a chain checker tool.

For the cassette, check the teeth for sharp points. If you find that your cassette has a sharp point, then replace it immediately.

7. Lubrication

Have a look at the engine oil to ensure an adequate level for the long road trip. Also, make sure that the engine oil is in good form so that your engine runs smoothly.

If the place that you are going to has extreme weather conditions, you could change your oil to synthetic oil which works well in tropical and chilly temperatures.

8. Shifting

After checking the condition of your chain and cassette, run the gears to ensure that the shifting is working properly. If your gears aren’t shifting, then let a professional have a look at it.

9. Air Filter

Before leaving for your long road trip, clean the air filters. The roads might be dusty along the way which means that your bike’s internal bearings and valves can become clogged. Cleaning the air filters beforehand will reduce the chances of clogging.

10. Take Your Bike for a Spin

Take your bike for a spin to check for any problems. Notice even the slightest of problems that your bike is giving you so that you don’t have to deal with any problems on the way. Listen for any unfamiliar sounds from your bike.

If possible, get your bike checked and serviced by a professional. This will ensure your safety on the long road trip.

Other Things To Take Care Of a Road Trip

  • Make sure that you have the required documents for the road trip
  • Keep a safety kit with you for any unexpected emergencies
  • Keep a little pump to inflate air in the tires when needed
  • Get waterproof bags for traveling for unexpected rains
  • Keep the basic bike tools with you


It is safe to get your bike serviced before you leave for the long journey. If any parts of your bike require repairing or replacing, then take professional help from companies. They will help you keep your bike in the best shape while ensuring its long life.




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